UGASports - Counting Down the Days (Day 150)
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Counting Down the Days (Day 150)

Welcome to our countdown! There are 150 days left before Georgia kicks off the 2016 season. The Bulldogs and the Tar Heels will meet at the Georgia Dome on September 3. Before that happens we will show you how the number of days left until kickoff relates to the Georgia Bulldogs’ football team. We'll have three unique and creative ways that will recall memories of why that number is special to the Dawgs. Today is just a sneak preview though. Starting on day 100, will have one each day leading into kickoff.

150 by Dave McMahon

Number 3 ---

150 was the amount of yards that Aaron Murray threw in the 2012 Cocktail Party against the Gators. Strangely enough it was the fourth smallest amount of yards that Murray ever threw in a game for the Bulldogs. However this was one of his biggest wins and no pass was bigger than the 45-yard touchdown to Malcolm Mitchell with 7:11 left in the game to give the Dawgs breathing room in a 17-9 victory.

Number 2 ---

150 was the weight in pounds listed by placekicker Bob Etter. Etter was the placekicker for Vince Dooley’s first three seasons as head coach. Like Murray, Etter had one of his biggest moments in the Cocktail Party. In 1964 with the score tied at seven apiece with less than ten minutes to go, Dooley sent out Etter to kick a short field goal. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, there was a bad snap. Fortunately for the Dawgs, Etter picked the ball up and ran towards the end zone and after a Barry Wilson block, the diminutive specialist scored. The Dawgs went on to win 14 to 7. In 2002 Etter was enshrined into the Florida/Georgia Hall of Fame or what I call the Georgia/Florida Hall of Fame.

Number 1 ---

150 was the amount of yards that Herschel Walker ran for in the 1981 Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame. Despite popping his shoulder out early in the game, Walker dominated in the biggest win in Georgia history. The freshman sensation ran 36 times for 150 yards and two touchdowns. He had a 1-yard run in the first quarter and a 3-yard run in the second as the Bulldogs won 17-10. It was the first time all season that Notre Dame allowed a player to have more than 100 yards rushing. The 150 was actually the most Herschel had in a bowl game. The other two Sugar Bowls he had 84 and 103 yards respectively.

150 by Patrick Garbin

Number 3 ---

150 is the exact number of career points scored by two players in the history of Georgia football, and each scoring them in a completely different manner. From 1967 through 1969, placekicker Jim McCullough made 22 of 48 field goals and 84 of 91 PATs for a total of 150 career points. Twenty years later from 1987 through 1989, tailback Rodney Hampton scored 25 touchdowns—22 rushing, three receiving—for a career total of 150 points.

Number 2 ---

150 was the number of cents ($1.50) for general admission into the 1960 G-Day game. Kicking off at 2 p.m. in front of 7,000 rain-soaked fans on April 30, 1960, the Red, consisting of Georgia’s first, fourth, and sixth-string teams, routed the White, consisting of the second, third, and fourth-string squads, 33 to 10. Rushing for two touchdowns while completing four of eight passes, the Red’s Fran Tarkenton was considered the game’s most outstanding player.

Number 1 --

150 was the approximate average weight of the 25 players which made up the Red and Black’s perfect 4-0 team of 1896—to date, one of only three UGA football teams in history to finish a season unscathed (1946 and 1980, the others). That year, Georgia defeated Wofford, North Carolina, Sewanee, and Auburn by a combined 88 to 22 score. By comparison, the Bulldogs’ 25 starters in 2015 (11 each on offense and defense, placekicker, punter, and snapper) averaged 240 pounds per man.